Monday, August 16, 2010

Faith's Lodge

"It's not the nurse's fault... I'm sure it's just hospital policy," I thought to myself as the nurse held out a handful of pamphlets on grief. I tossed them aside knowing that I may never look at them again. What could a 45 page pamphlet possibly say, what could it possibly offer me in this nightmare of a situation?

As my wife continued to quietly labor towards delivery of our two boys, I sat close by and waited. Out of a need for some distraction I picked the stack of pamphlets back up and began thumbing through them. Passing over the platitudinous titles I came across one that stood above the rest.

That was the first I had heard of Faith's Lodge. And now, almost eight months away from that day in the hospital, we have seen some amazing healing take place in the loss of Asher and Evan. Part of that healing has come through our stay at Faith's Lodge.

I kept having to remind myself that we deserved our time there. As we pulled up to the 15,000 square foot, 4 story, log cabin-style retreat center, I couldn't believe someone had designed so grand a place for people who had lost children. It was beautiful. It was quiet. It was exactly what we had been looking for and exactly what we needed.

We found rest not only in the comfortable rooms, but also in the quiet of the outdoors and in the understanding offered by couples we met throughout the week. It was a time to focus on our grief, on our healing, and on the road ahead of us.

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